Your Art Feast Hosts

Mari1Your Art Feast hosts, Evangelia Kondilis and Mari Karakalos, share a passion for life, love, art, food, all things beautiful and fun.  They have been creating memorable events for as long as they both can remember. Mari ran a modelling school and agency in America before moving to Greece where she lives with her Greek husband, Yianni, who also is deeply involved in the arts. After working in Athens as a decorator she now enjoys planning events including weddings on her vacation home in Poros. Her popular food blog, ‘Yiannis in the kitchen with Mari‘ has also earned her international exposure.

P1060433Evangelia, a native Greek islander, now works and resides in Vancouver, Canada.  She has trained and worked with some of the world’s very best decorative artists, both in North America, and abroad. She has choreographed some of the most spectacular events. She has a vast knowledge of painting techniques and a great passion to share with others. Evangelia has been a member of the Canadian Guild of Decorative Finishers, the International Decorative Artists League and the Professional Decorative Painters Association. Her work has been featured in television, magazines, celebrity homes and clients of discerning taste.