Poros and Samos Island

Picture 19Nobel laureate and one of the most prestigious greek poets of the 20th century, George Seferis, vacationed in Poros at the Villa Gallini, writing poems and diaries. He had this to say about Poros: “… It has something of Venice: The canal, communication between the houses being by boats, luxury, idleness, sensual temptation, something lustful, a place for international lovers, providing much magic.  There is something of the closed space here, with the moon high up in the sky, and all day long the copper echo of the music from the naval school…”

Magical sunsets, sparkling water, thick pine forests and spectacular views are just a few of the reasons we’ve planned your Art Feast in Poros and Samos.

We’re  moving the party In August to feast on the playground of Samos, an island ruled by legend and beauty.  We’ll be picking figs and pomegranates, dancing on grapes, and reaping the bounty of the harvest  from the fields.  We’ll be doing some serious organic cooking and feasting  on this island where everything is made of light and color. Not only is Samos an island of overwhelming vegetation, it  is the home of Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, Hera, Aesop, Epicurus, Aristarchus the astronomer, and Evangelia!  Samos has important monuments and historical sights and boasts of some of the most immaculate and beautiful beaches in the world. It also boasts of their own muscat grapes that we’ll be celebrating in the wine festivals around the island.  We couldn’t have found a more magical island, full of hidden treasures and surprising pleasures for your island art feast!