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tavernaOuzo and Meze:
Whet your appetite with a boat trip around the island, where we will enjoy lunch and stop for swimming, fishing, sketching and plein air painting. You will also enjoy hiking in the dense pine forests where local herbs grow in abundance; All the while discovering byzantine art at the monastery, horseback riding by the sea, sailing, dancing under the stars, authentic Greek island  cooking with the locals, wine and cheese tasting and so much more.

Main Course:
maincourse-workshopDig in and enjoy! Starting with your very own sketches of what inspires you from your daily adventures. We’ll be painting from some of the most breathtaking views on the island. You will be guided step by step, learning many skills and techniques until your masterpieces are ready to take home with you. Many contemporary and classical techniques are taught to all novice or professional artists. It’s all your choice. We will also go back in time to the island of Hydra where donkeys are the only form of transportation. This scenic island has been famous for inspiring artists for centuries. Indulge a passion or hone a skill.

Opa! There’s lots of snacks to pick and choose from, like yoga on the beach, water sports, beautiful beaches, massage and spa treatments, bouzouki nights, disco parties, shopping, make overs and lots of local tavernas. Because Poros is so small and friendly, you will feel at home and free to explore on your own. It’s such a treat to feel like one of the locals.

Yum! Come walk with us through the charming streets of the island meeting the locals, sampling all the Greek delicacies you can imagine and then some. We’ll head up to the famous clock tower where we will dangle our feet from the cliff and toast the sunset with a glass of local wine. ‘cheers to the sleeping beauty of Poros.’

yacht dinner

Cocktails….. on the Yacht!
Go on.  You know you want to.  The feast isn’t quite over until we’ve enjoyed music, wine, and local Greek delicacies on a private yacht as we watch the sun set over the island.

Brandy and Cognac:
Ahhh!  Elixir of the Gods…   With full hearts we’ll be heading to Athens via historical Corinth. We’ll stop for lunch and an afternoon of shopping in the lovely venetian city of Naplion. In the evening we’ll arrive in Athens where we will enjoy feasting under the shadow of the Acropolis.