Art Feast – Poros

If you are looking for a veritable feast of art and culinary workshops, culture and adventure to suit any palate, you’ll love what we have in store for you!

artfeast general image

We welcome you to join us for this years exclusive Summer Art Feast on the island of Poros located in the heart of Greece! Also on the menu we’ve included the island of Hydra, Nafplion, Troizina, Athens, Corinth and Epidavros. This is an event you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Your first class accommodations will be at the Sirene Blue Resort This luxury hotel is built on a cliff above the sea and is surrounded by a green pine oasis. Every room has a spectacular view of the deep blue sea.

Poros is nestled right in the middle of the Saronic Gulf, 32 miles from Athens.  It is just an hour from the Port of Pireaus by hydrofoil, two and a half hours by ferry boat, or a pleasant two and a half hour ride by car from Athens, where you will be picked up from the airport.  The Greek islands are famous for their beautiful weather, picturesque towns and villages and breathtaking beaches — all excellent reasons for your adventures in Poros.


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